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Type Unknown
Drops Unknown
Modded? No

The Allay is the winning one of the three mobs that people were able to choose at the eleventh Minecon, or Minecon Live 2021. Allays allow for you to give them an item, and then they will pick up any of that given item that is found on the ground. (This works for any item that has not been grabbed by players, and that is on the ground.) This mob appears to look like an small angel type of mob, and they also float; similarly to the Glare.

This mob is the second mob out of three that you will be able to choose during Minecon.


  • The allay was put in lots of pictures with vexes due to them looking similar.
  • The allay will be added in the 1.19 Wild update (for Java)
  • The allay has already appeared in Bedrock Edition in the 1.19 testing update, to test the mobs before they are put in Java.