Minecraft Mobs Wiki
A Blaze
Type Hostile
Health HP 20
Attack Strength 3
Drops 0-2 Blaze Rods
Modded? No

Blazes are hostile mobs that spawn naturally in the Nether dimension. They spawn in Nether Fortresses from Blaze Monster Spawners.


When a Blaze has spotted the player, it will proceed to shoot fireballs that will set him/her on fire. Blazes can also hover, which makes them harder to fight and kill. Water can be a good choice of attack, as it will damage Blazes.


Blazes spawn in groups of 2-3 which makes them very dangerous. However, an Iron Sword or above will kill them easily. Armor and or Fire Resistance Potions are recommended to make the fight easier. A Bow may also be useful for when Blazes hover.

Unlike other mobs, Blazes take damage from Snowballs and can be killed using them.


Blaze Rod.png

Blaze Rod



  • Water and rain can also damage Blazes.
  • Blazes have immunity to burning, which means they cannot be damaged by fire or lava.
  • The Blaze Rods Blazes drop can be used for brewing.