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Cave Spider
Cave spider.jpg
A cave spider
Type Neutral
Health 12
Attack Strength Easy: 2

Medium: 2 Hard: 3

Drops string, spider eye
Modded? No

Cave Spiders are neutral mobs that are like spiders, but are smaller and can poison the player.


Cave Spiders spawn in Abandoned Mineshafts or by Monster Spawners. They can also be spawned through a Cave Spider Spawn Egg. In MCPE Cave Spider Spawners replaced Spider Spawners in Update 0.11.0.


Cave spiders are hard to fight, as they can poison the player if they attack him/her. However, an iron sword or above can kill them easily.

It is also recommended for the player to have a milk bucket so he/she can cure poison effect.

Cave Spider Jockeys

Cave Spider Jockeys are hostile mobs that were added in MCPE in Update 0.11.0. They are cave spiders ridden by Skeletons and are more dangerous than normal Spider Jockeys, as the arrows that the skeleton will shoot to the player will poison him/her. This mob exists only in MCPE.


String.png Spider Eye (1).png



Spider Eye



  • Cave Spiders will not poison the player if the difficulty is set on easy.
  • Cave Spiders can fit in one by one block spaces, just like baby mobs.
  • Cave spiders have a blueish color.