Dolphins are an aquatic mob that has been added into Minecraft in the Aquatic Update. They were first added in Bedrock 1.4, and will be added for Java and Legacy Console in Update Aquatic. (This is the first mob to be added in Bedrock Edition before Java Edition)

Known Features

  • Dolphins will be able to jump out of water.
  • Dolphins will follow you when you swim.
  • Dolphins will attack you if you attack them.
  • If you drop anything in the water, dolphins will play with it.
  • You cannot ride dolphins.
  • Dolphins will drop cod when killed
  • If you feed dolphins fish they will lead you to treasure.

Other Mods

  • Previously, Dolphins were only available in mods. Here is a list of mods you can find the dolphin in:
  • mo'creatures
  • wildcraft
  • ecocraft


This is an animation of dolphins jumping

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