Minecraft Mobs Wiki
Type Neutral
Health 40
Attack Strength punching
Drops Ender Pearls
Modded? Vanilla

Endermen are neutral mobs that have the ability to teleport when hurt, hit by Snowballs, hit by Eggs, or hit by Arrows.


Endermen spawn at any place of the Overworld. They mostly spawn in the Desert biomes. They also spawn in the End Dimension along with the Ender Dragon and Shulkers. In 1.10, endermen will also have small chances to spawn at the Nether.


Endermen walk around the world and randomly pick up blocks and place them. If the player stares at the Enderman's face or gets provoked by the player, it will turn hostile and attack him/her.

Water damages Endermen and makes them teleport away when they touch it. When they touch Lava, they teleport away, but they will be burning.


Due to their medium life, an Iron Sword or above is recommended. Bows do not work on them, as they will quickly teleport away. Snowballs and Eggs do not work either, as the Enderman will teleport away from these too. Skeletons can only hit the Enderman with a bow. pouring a water bucket all over them does serious damage.


Endermen can move the following blocks:

  • Melon
  • Grass Block/Dirt/Mycelium/Podzol
  • Pumpkin
  • Sand/Red Sand
  • Cactus
  • Flowers (Tulips, Poppy, Dandelion, Blue Orchid, etc.)
  • Mushrooms
  • Clay
  • Gravel
  • endstone

Note: These items have a possibility of being dropped when killed.


Ender Pearl.png

'Ender Pearl'(0-1)


  • Endermen will teleport away from Cactus too. However if the Enderman touches it, it will lose an HP point.
  • You can stop an Enderman from teleporting by putting it in a Minecart.
  • 2 early designs of the enderman had different coloured eyes. one had white eyes, the other had green.