Eroded Zombie
Eroded zombie
Eroded Zombie (With Parasite Worms)
Type Hostile
Health ?? HP
Attack Strength 2-3
Drops N/A
Modded? Yes

Eroded Zombies are mobs that can only be obtained through mods.


Eroded Zombies appear to be injured versions of normal Zombies. As they have a bruise on their eye and half a hand that has a worm on it. They have a torn shirt and pants and also have a worm on their back.


Eroded Zombies deal 2-3 damage to unarmed players, and can jump high enough to avoid most attacks.


An Iron Sword or above is recommended to fight Eroded Zombies. A Bow will also work, while a potion of harming/healing will make the fight easier.

Parasite Worms

Click here.


  • Eroded Zombies and Parasite Worms do not drop anything when killed.
  • Parasite Worms can move faster than Eroded Zombies.
  • Parasite Worms do not have a spawn egg, so they can only be spawned when an Eroded Zombie dies.