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Iron Golem
Iron golem.jpg
Iron Golem
Type Utility
Health 100
Drops iron ingots, poppy
Modded? No
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Iron Golems are utility mobs that can be created by the player, similar to Snow Golems. They are large and powerful mobs that attack hostile mobs to protect Villagers.


Iron Golems spawn naturally in NPC Villages for every 15 Villagers . They can also be created by the player by placing 4 Iron Blocks in a T-shape and a Pumpkin or a Jack o Lantern at the top (the Pumpkin or Jack o Lantern must be placed last). It can be assembled in any way, even upside-down or sideways.


Iron Golems will attack every hostile mob, except Creepers. They protect Villagers by attacking anyone who provokes them. They will even attack the player if the player provokes a Villager. However, Iron Golems that were created by players will never attack them.

Iron Golems may sometimes give a Poppy to Villagers. This is the reason they drop poppies when killed.


  • Iron Golems are immune to fall damage, like Ocelots and Chickens.
  • Iron Golems gives poppys is a reference to Laputa : Castle in the Sky.
    • This is also why Iron Golems have vines growing on their bodies.