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Magma Cubes are hostile mobs that spawn naturally in the Nether in Lava areas.


Magma Cubes are like Slimes, but they have a red-brown skin and red-yellow-orange eyes.


Magma Cubes attack the player by jumping at the player. When killed they split into smaller cubes like Slimes and when killed again they split into even smaller ones. Small Magma Cubes, unlike Slimes, can harm the player making Magma Cubes dangerous to attack.


Magma Cubes have immune to burning like all Nether mobs. An Iron Sword and above is recommended for big ones, while the small Magma Cubes can be easily killed by hand. A Bow would work on Magma Cubes too.


Magma cream.png

Magma Cream



  • Magma Cubes are also called "Nether Slimes or Lava Slimes".
  • They can jump upto 4 blocks high and can jump over fences too like Slimes.
  • In MCPE before Update 0.12.1, Magma Cubes could be only obtained through inventory editor. After Update 0.12.1, they spawn naturally in the Nether.
  • Magma Cubes do not burn in Lava.