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The Wiki is about Minecraft Mobs from all versions of the game, including PC, Console Edition, Pocket Edition, and even Story Mode. We even have information about the various mobs of the game! You can also find information about mods that allow you to spawn vanilla mobs that are not coded yet for example check here.

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Hostile Mobs

ZombieFace CreeperFace SkeletonFace WitherSkeletonHead ZombieVillager Chickenjockey BlazeFace
Zombie Creeper Skeleton Wither Skeleton Zombie Villager Chicken Jockey Blaze
GhastFace CubeMagma SlimeFace Witchface2 SilverfishFace 73px-EndermiteFace 64px-GuardianFace ShulkerFace
Ghast Magma Cube Slime Witch Silverfish Endermite Guardian Shulker
DrownedFace HuskHead StrayHead Phantom Head ElderGuardian Head
Drowned Husk Stray Phantom Elder Guardian Pillager Ravager

Neutral Mobs

ZombiePigmanFace EndermanFace CaveSpiderFace SpiderFace WolfFace PolarBearFace Dolphin Head
Zombie Pigman Enderman Cave Spider Spider Wolf Polar Bear Dolphin Panda

Passive Mobs

OcelotFace CowFace PigFace SheepFace MooshroomFace ChickenFace Villagerhead
Ocelot Cow Pig Sheep Mooshroom Chicken Villager
Squidface Rabbiticon BatFace HorseHead (1) Parrot Head LlamaFace Turtle Head
Squid Rabbit Bat Horse Parrot Llama Turtle Fox
TropicalFish Head CodHead Salmon Head Pufferfish Head
Tropical Fish Cod Salmon Pufferfish Wandering Trader Donkey Mule Skeleton Horse

Utility Mobs

Snow GolemFace (1) Iron-golem-face
Snow Golem Iron Golem


WitherFace Enderdragon Face ElderGuardian Head
Wither Boss Ender Dragon Elder Guardian (Bedrock Edition only)

Mod Mobs

To see our mod mobs pages check here.


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  • Update 1.13 for Minecraft Bedrock will finally add foxes and brown mooshrooms!!
  • Update 1.15 for Minecraft Java will add bees, and is expected to release during the Holidays!
  • Update 1.16 will be a Nether Update, focused on adding new biomes and mobs such as Piglins!
  • Minecon Live took place on September 29, 2019.


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