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Type Passive
Health 10x120px-Heart.svg.png
Attack Strength None
Drops Leather, Raw Beef, or Steak(if on fire)
Modded? No

Mooshrooms are passive mobs that spawn naturally in Mushroom Biomes. They are variants of Cows, but are red and white, and have red mushrooms on their back.


Mooshrooms will spawn in groups of 4-8, but only in mushroom biomes and only on mycelium or grass when the light level is 9 or higher. Mooshrooms will not spawn on mycelium blocks placed outside of a mushroom biome.


Mooshrooms can be bred by feeding them wheat. Holding Wheat in your hands will thus make them follow you. Mooshrooms can be bred with Cows. When bred with cows, the offspring will either be a baby Cow or a baby Mooshroom.

the drops

Leather.png Raw Beef.png Steak.png



Raw Beef




Note: The player can get Steak only if the Mooshroom is on fire

Milk2.png Mushroomsoup.png Red Mushroom.png
Milk Mushroom Stew Red Mushroom

The player can milk a Mooshroom using a Bucket to obtain Milk and can also milk a Mooshroom using a Bowl to obtain Mushroom Stew. The player can also shear a Mooshroom using Shears to obtain 5 Red Mushrooms.


  • If the player sets a Mooshroom on fire, it will drop steak, just like cows.
  • They can be bred and spawn a baby Mooshroom.
  • Baby Mooshrooms do not have mushrooms on their backs, unlike adults.
  • When these Mooshrooms are sheared, they will turn into a normal Cow.