Mutant Zombie
Mutant zombie
Mutant Zombie
Type Hostile
Health 150
Attack Strength 16
Drops N/A
Modded? Yes (Mutant Creatures Mod)

Mutant Zombies are mobs that can be obtained only through mods.


Mutant Zombies when they see the player, they slowly attack him/her and when he/she runs away, it jumps towards him/her.

Mutant Zombies attack at the players by using their hands. When they attack with their hands, they make a small earthquake that damages the player or other mobs.


A diamond sword is required while armor is recommended too as the zombie can deal 8 damage to non-armed players. A bow can be useful too, as it can hit the mutant zombie while it jumps. Potions like regeneration or instant health/damage would make the fight easier.

Powerful modded weapons are recommended.


Mutant Zombies, when killed, they will respawn 2 or 3 times making them very dangerous. However, they will spawn with only 40 health points, which makes them easier to kill. If they respawn for the third time, they will have 50 health instead of 40.


  • When killed, they drop a hammer.
  • If the mutant zombie's body is lit on fire before it respawns, it will die normally.


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