Mystic Endermen are mobs that can be only obtained through mods.



Mystic Endermen look like normal Endermen, but they are a little shorter. They also have a cape and hold a weapon called "Mystic Wand".


Mystic endermen attack with their mystic wand and cause the player the following effects:

  • Blindness
  • Weakness
  • Nausea

It also can heal itself with regeneration effect

It also has some tricks that does at the player which are:

  • Falling Trap: The mystic enderman makes blocks of gravel and sand to fall from the sky at the player causing him/her to lose life.
  • Ore Trap: The mystic enderman will spawn a random ore near the player. If the player approaches the ore, after 10 seconds an explosion will spawn and damage the player.


A Diamond Sword is required due to their medium life (45 health points). Armor is also recommended for defense.


Mystic Endermen drop the following items when killed:

  • Mystic wand - Ore gem
  • Mystic wand - Invisibility gem
  • Mystic wand - Teleportation gem
  • Mystic wand - Regeneration gem


  • During daylight, Mystic Endermen will teleport away.
  • They have 5 more health than regular Endermen.