Pig Zombie Majors are mobs that can only be obtained through mods. They look like normal Zombie Pigmen, but they have more life and deal more damage.


Pig Zombie Majors can be spawned naturally in the Nether with other zombie pigmen. They can also be spawned with a Pig Zombie Major spawn egg.


Pig Zombie Majors will attack at the player if provoked. When one is provoked, all the other zombie pigmen or majors that are close will attack the player. They attack with their gold swords and can deal more damage.


Enchanted or modded weapons are required to fight a pig zombie major, as it has an extremely high amount of health. (240 health). Armor is also required for defense while a potion of harming/healing or regeneration/strength can be useful too.


Pig Zombie Majors will drop 4 golden nuggets, 2 rotten fleshes, and their gold swords when killed.


  • Pig Zombie Majors can be obtained through the Kwasti Bust Monsters Mod.
  • They can run faster than Zombie Pigmen.
  • They mostly have the same characteristics like zombie pigmen.
    • Exampe: They attack the player only if provoked.