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Not to be confused with Bunny.

A rabbit
Type Passive
Health 10
Drops rabbit hide, raw rabbit, rabbit's foot.
Modded? No

Rabbits are passive mobs that were first added in PC in 1.8 Update. They spawn naturally in the Overworld.


Rabbits hop randomly around the world instead of walking like all the other Mob. They will follow the Player if he/she/they hold a Carrot/golden carrot

or a Dandelion.

They randomly run away from the Player when provoked.


Rabbits can breed using carrots/golden carrots or dandelions. Once the player feeds the rabbit it will enter love mode and if he/she does that to another rabbit, they will breed and make a baby rabbit which will become an adult after 20 minutes.

If the player holds a carrot the rabbit will ignore breed and will keep following the player.

The Killer Bunny

Main Article: Killer Bunny

The Killer Bunny is unlike all other rabbits. It is a hostile mob that will attack the player. It can spot the player from 16 blocks away and will hop very quickly to him/her to attack. However, if the player hits the killer bunny, it will run away and after some time, it will return and continue attacking.

Killer Bunnies will also attack wolves (wild and tamed) and once the wolves provoked they will attack too at the bunnies.


Toast is a type of rabbit that will be spawned only if the player names a normal rabbit "toast" with a renamed spawn egg or a nametag. When names "toast" the rabbit will turn into toast. Their skin is black and white and they are passive mobs that hop around like all the other passive rabbits.


Raw Rabbit.png Cooked Rabbit.png Rabbit Hide.png Rabbit's Foot.png

Raw Rabbit


Cooked Rabbit


Rabbit Hide


Rabbit's Foot

(0-1) (2.5% Chance)

Note: The player can get Cooked Rabbit only if the Rabbit is on fire.


  • Wild wolves will attack every type of Rabbits. However, tamed Wolves will not.
  • The Killer Rabbit will still attack wolves, even if the difficulty is set on Peaceful.
  • They run away from you like Ocelots.
  • Tip: Use a furnace to get Cooked Rabbit as well, (this is if the rabbit is not on fire).
  • Pocket Edition has Rabbits that are smaller and faster, making it easier for them to run away.


Rabbit.png White Rabbit.png Black Rabbit.png Black & White Rabbit.png Gold Rabbit.png Salt & Pepper Rabbit.png Killer Bunny.png




Salt & Pepper


Brown w/ White

Killer Bunny