Minecraft Mobs Wiki
Type Passive
Health 8 health points
Attack Strength None
Drops Wool

Raw mutton Cooked mutton.

Modded? Vanilla

Sheep are passive mobs that spawn naturally in the Overworld. They are useful mobs as the player can take wool from them. They give wool which is necessary to make beds


Shears can also be used to shear sheep. When the player Shears the sheep, it will drop 1-3 wool. After sheared, sheep will look bare, but will get their wool back after they eat some grass. When they eat the grass, the block will turn into dirt.


Sheep can breed using wheat. When sheep breed, a baby sheep will appear. The baby will have the color that it's parents have. However, if two sheep with different colors breed, then the baby will not have the same color. For example if a yellow and a red sheep breed, the baby might be orange.


Sheep can be dyed by holding a dye and tapping the sheep with it. When dyed sheep sheared, they will drop the color that their wool has. However, some sheep will spawn naturally being dyed.


White Wool.png Raw Mutton.png Cooked Mutton.png



Raw Mutton


Cooked Mutton


Note: The player can get Cooked Mutton only if the Sheep is on fire.

Note: Also the player can get 1-3 wool if the sheep is sheared. But only 1 wool if they killed.


  • Baby sheep cannot breed. However, they can still eat wheat.
  • The white sheep is the most common sheep that can be found while dark and brown sheep have lots of chances to spawn too. Light grey sheep also can spawn often.
  • Pink is the rarest sheep color that can be found naturally.
  • Baby sheep cannot be sheared like adults, but they can be dyed.
  • Shearing and killing a sheep at the same time makes a sheep drop 4 blocks of wool.
  • They are one of the most common mobs in the game.
  • If you named them jeb_ with a name tag they will become rainbow.