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Silverfish are hostile mobs that spawn naturally in Strongholds.

250 x 194 pxpx
A Silverfish
Type Hostile / Arthropod
Health 8 hearts
Modded? No


Silverfish spawn naturally in Strongholds. They also spawn in the End Portal room in a Silverfish Spawner. In Strongholds, there are Infested variants of cobblestone, stone, and all stone bricks. If the player mines that block, a Silverfish will pop out and attack the player. If the Silverfish is idle for long enough above a stone block, it will retreat inside any stone, thus transforming it into an infested block.


Due to their low health, Silverfish can be easily killed with a Wooden Sword or above. However, like Zombie Pigmen, if the player provokes a Silverfish, then all the other Silverfish that are close inside a block will emerge from the block and attack the player.


  • Silverfish are small, so if one stands on Soul Sand, it will suffocate from its depth.
  • It is one of the four smallest mobs, the other three being the Bat, the Endermite, and the Baby Turtle.