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Skeletons are hostile Mobs that attack the Player with a Bow. It is one of the four mobs that can hold a weapon, the other three being Zombie Pigmen, Zombies, and Wither Skeletons. Skeletons spawn in the Overworld and rarely in the Nether dimension. They burn in sunlight, sharing this trait with Zombies.


Skeletons attack by using their Bow and shooting Arrows at the Player. If the Skeleton is on fire, it will then fire flaming Arrows at the Player, making them much more dangerous.


A Bow is recommended when fighting a Skeleton, as it is harder to attack with a Sword. However, attacking them with an Iron or Diamond Sword can kill them easily.

Skeletons are the only Mob that can circle the player, which makes them harder to fight.


Bone.png Arrow.png Bow.gif








  • Skeletons sometimes spawn with an Enchanted Bow, depending on the difficulty level.
  • Like zombies they can also wear armor.
  • When a Skeleton hits another hostile Mob with an Arrow, it will result in the Mob attacking the Skeleton.
  • Very rarely, Skeletons can spawn riding a Spider, creating a Spider Jockey.
  • It is better to constantly move when attacking Skeletons as it makes it more difficult for them to hit the Player directly.
  • Skeletons won't burn in daylight if they are wearing a helmet.
  • Skeletons have two variants; The Stray and the Wither Skeleton.