Squaldron is a mob that can only be obtained by mods (only at MCPE). People also call Squaldron "Nether Demon Boss". It is one of the few modded mobs in MCPE.



Squaldron cannot be spawned with a spawn egg, as it does not have one. To be spawned, it requires the following blocks.

  • 5 Nether Brick Blocks
  • 4 Gold Blocks
  • 1 Netherrack

How to spawn Squaldron with these blocks:

  • The following picture says how to spawn Squaldron with these blocks.


  • The player must tap the Netherrack with Flint and Steel so the boss can be spawned.


A diamond sword is required to fight the Squaldron boss. Armor is also recommended, while a potion of harming would kill him easier. A bow also works better than a sword.


Squaldrons drop a stack of Diamonds and 5 Nether Crystals which can be used to craft modded weapons and potions when killed.


  • This mod is for version 0.10.0 and above.
  • It spawns with a nametag that says "Squaldron".