Wither Boss
Wither boss
Wither Boss
Type Boss
Health 300
Drops 1 nether star
Modded? No

The Wither Boss is a boss mob that can be created by the player. It has 100 more health points than the ender dragon (300 life points).


The wither boss has three heads that look like wither skeleton's head, but are a little different. It's body is covered with bones and it does not have legs.



  • The wither boss can be only created by the player. It requires 4 blocks of soul sand and three wither skeleton skulls.

How to make:

  • To create the wither, the soul sands must be placed in a t-shape form and place the wither skeleton skulls above the soul sands.

Once spawned:

  • Once the player spawns a wither, he/she must wait for the wither to fill health. When it's health gets full, it will make an explosion that will destroy nearly blocks and will start attacking the player. The player should not be close when the wither spawns as the explosion can damage him/her too.


The wither attacks the player and every mob by shooting wither heads at them. When the heads hit the player, he/she will get the Wither Status effect. The heads can also destroy blocks .


Diamond armor and sword are required to fight the wither boss. A bow would work better, as the wither can fly. However, when the wither gets at it's half life, it will spawn a shield that will protect the wither from bow attacks. When the shield will appear the wither will start coming down, so the player will be able to attack with sword.


The wither boss when killed, it drops 1 nether star.


  • It will attack every mob that is close. It will even attack different withers too.
  • Iron Golems aren't useful to fight the wither, as it can kill it easily.