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150px-Wolf (Wild).png
A Wolf
Type Neutral
Health 8 (20 if tamed)
Attack Strength Easy: 3

Normal: 4
Hard: 6

Drops N/A
Modded? No
Wolf (Wild).png
150px-Wolf (Aggressive).png

Wolves are neutral mobs that can be tamed and bred. They are one of the four tamable mobs in Minecraft, the other three being Llamas, Ocelots, Donkeys, Mules and Horses.

Types of Wolves


Wild Wolves spawn in the Overworld in Taiga, forests, and plain biomes. Wolves will remain neutral unless provoked.


Aggressive Wolves are hostile Wolves that will attack the player if provoked or are close to other Wolves that have been provoked. Once provoked, their texture changes and their eyes turn red.


Tamed Wolves follow the player everywhere he/she goes. Unlike Ocelots, if the player moves too far the Wolves will instantly teleport to him/her. Wolves can also sit or stand, and receive a red collar when tamed. Their collar can be dyed by pressing on them with a dye in hand.


A Tamed Wolf

Taming a Wolf requires 1-10 Bones. Once they are tamed they will be able to sit or stand and have a red collar around their neck. They will also attack any mob the player attacks.


Breeding a Wolf requires meat. When the player feeds the Wolf with meat, it will enter love mode. And if he/she follows the same process with another Wolf too, the two Wolves will breed and make a Baby Wolf.

The Wolf must first be tamed before breeding.

Defense Against Hostile Mobs

Tamed Wolves will attack every mob the player hits. Wolves can easily kill Skeletons, Zombies, Spiders and so forth. However, Wolves will rarely ever kill a Creeper or an Enderman, due to the Creeper's explosion and the Enderman's medium health and strength.


  • Wolves will naturally hunt and kill Sheeps and Foxes.
  • Wolves can eat Rotten Flesh, but unlike the Player, it will not get poisoned.
  • In MCPE, before Update 0.10.0 Baby Wolves would drown in water.
  • Wolves are scared of Creepers, (Unlike Ocelots), but scare away Skeletons.
  • Wolves also attack Strays and Wither Skeletons.
  • A tamed wolf is also called a dog.
  • It is possible for a baby zombie to be riding a wolf, creating a wolf jockey.