Zombie Commanders are mobs that can only be obtained through mods. They look similar to normal Zombies, but have big black eyes and more health.



Zombie Commanders have a few variants which are:

  • Zombie Villager Commanders (also have big black eyes) (also have different skin than normal Zombie Villagers).
  • Baby Zombie Commanders (also have big black eyes)


Zombie Commanders attack like normal Zombies. (By attacking with their arms).


An Iron or Diamond Sword is recommended due to their medium health, (60 health points in total), and possible after effects. Armor is also recommended. And a Bow may be useful if used correctly.


When a Zombie Commander is killed by the player, there is a chance a Giant may spawn as a replacement of the dead commander and attack the player, making Commander Zombies very dangerous.


Commander Zombies/Baby Zombies/Zombie Villagers when killed, may drop 2 Rotten Flesh and Experience Points. They may also drop Enchanted Iron Boots without actually having them equipped.


  • Zombie Commanders can be obtained through the Kwasti Bust Monsters Mod.
  • The Iron Boots that may drop will always be enchanted.
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